Geodesic Domes ideal for Yoga or Pilates classes, any Events. Also for expand the living area.

Welcome to the round architectural Tents/Portable Domes

We offer a wide variety of elegant and intelligent Geodesic Domes to meet your needs.

Geodome Ireland specialises in providing geodesic domes for trade shows, event venues, musical festival domes, seminars and VIP accommodations.

We are Ireland’s only officially licensed reseller of the renowned Geodomas, Lithuania product line.

Backed by over 10 years of experience we are the only full service Geodesic Dome provider in Ireland.

Our Products

Geodome 3

Diameter: 3m
Transform your events with our geodesic domes. Perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate functions, our domes create unique and unforgettable experiences in any setting.

Geodome 5

Diameter: 5m.
Elevate your wellness classes with our geodesic domes. Offering a serene and immersive environment, they are ideal for yoga, Pilates, and meditation sessions, bringing you closer to nature while you practice.

Geodome 8

Diameter: 8m.
Reimagine your meetings and conferences with our customizable geodesic domes. Designed for creativity and collaboration, these spaces inspire productivity and fresh ideas in a distinctive atmosphere.

Geodome 16

Diameter: 16m.
Make your pop-up shop or exhibition stand out with our eye-catching geodesic domes. These dynamic structures provide a modern and engaging environment, attracting attention and enhancing your brand presence.


Host unforgettable parties and celebrations in our geodesic domes. With customizable interiors and stunning designs, our domes create the perfect backdrop for birthdays, anniversaries, and more, ensuring a memorable event for all.

Geodome Benefits

The timeless design & alluring aesthetics

People love the intriguing geometry and feel of natural richness experienced under a Geodome canopy. Spacious and stunning, geodesic domes offer an experience that fills people with creative inspiration.


Geodesic Domes are Immediate. One day of construction is all it takes for you to enjoy the comfort and security of a beautiful geodesic dome.

Reliable & Robust

Compared with traditional buildings and event structures, geodesic domes are better suited to withstand high winds and heavy rain or snow. Stand up to the threat of the Irish weather with a geodesic dome.

Think Green- An Eco Friendly Alternative

Geodesic shelters have been called the most efficient structural design ever conceived possessing approximately one-third less surface area than a rectilinear structure of similar size. The curved interior of the dome encourages natural air circulation which helps to reduce the amount of energy required for heating and cooling. Domes are a lightweight, viable alternative to traditional construction and are quickly becoming the alternative to eco-living spaces, private studios and a host of other uses.